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Dr. Matt Butimore’s Walk and FMBI Invitation

Dr. Matt Buttimore

Matt Buttimore is interviewed by a friend who is a pastoral student at Fresno Missionary Baptist Institute. Dr. Buttimore shares a bit of his life’s story and his testimony of salvation.


Dr. Buttimore also discusses the need for pastors in many California churches and details the mission and opportunities available at Fresno Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary.



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Mission Statement of Fresno Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary


Fresno Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary exists for the express purpose of preparing ministerial students for spiritual leadership, training Christian workers for optimum service in New Testament churches, and providing a doctrinal foundation for those entering other academic disciplines at other institutions of higher learning.  The primary “textbook” which governs the school is the Bible.  Courses are designed to assist students in “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.”

    The main objective is to provide an environment so students will develop into fundamental, evangelistic, mission-minded, Christ-centered laborers in New Testament churches, dedicated to bringing glory to God.





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