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Buck Owens Memorial Service

Buck Owens

The memorial service was held at Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California on April 2, 2006.


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The service proceeded as follows:

  • Music by The Birds Herb Pedersen and Chris Hillman.
  • Prayer and Introduction by Dr. Roger Spradlin.
  • Larry shotgun Daniel’s eulogy.
  • Buck’s recording the Dust on Moma’s Bible.
  • Buck’s nephew Mel Owens jr. speaks.
  • John Berry sings Blessed Assurance. J
  • Ohnnie Dale Owens speaks( named after his uncle Dale Remling)
  • Wayfaring Stranger by Trace Adkins.
  • Buddy Owens Speaks.
  • Dwight Yoakum speaks and sings In The Garden.
  • Brad Pasley speaks and sings.
  • Michael Owens speaks.
  • Message by Dr. Roger Spradlin.
  • Lulu Roman speaks and sings Amazing Grace.

We Miss you Buck. You blessed us all.


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