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Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?

Dr. Walter Martin

Dr. Walter Martin gave this presentation in front of live audiences across the country. He later had procured the services of multiple hand writing experts, including those with the highest credentials from the FBI, to analyze relevant hand writing samples. All of the hand writing experts further validated the true origins of the manuscript that was to be the core of the “Book of Mormon.”


Here is an interesting comment made recently, February 2018.

Angie Coulter

I am the great great granddaughter of Parley P Pratt, One of the first apostles of the Mormon Church. He was shot in the back as he left a town where he had stolen a married woman from her husband and added her to his group of polygamist wives.

I have left the Mormon Church or more accurately mormon Cult after practising it faithfully for almost 6 decades! Oh how I wish I could have known what Dr Martin was teaching back when he gave this sermon and I was graduating from high school.

Im presently seeking out a real Christianity. I appreciate how direct this sermon is and yet as Dr. Martin delivers this devastating and sobering truth, he does it with such respect and kindness. The majority of grassroots members of the church have no idea of the deception they have committed their lives to and worse that they are not even Christians.

And when the truth is discovered and absorbed, it is truly embarrassing to look at how ridiculous the false narrative is and how foolish we feel for buying such a nonsensical and Luciferian doctrine. Thank God that as late as it is for me, it is not too late.

Good Bless this good man and the legacy of truth he leaves. Mormons are very hard to help. They have been brainwashed and mind controlled.

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